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Slurry Pumps

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Dredging operations play a fundamental role in collecting and transferring sediments, serving as essential processes for the maintenance and development of ports, waterways, mining basins, and dams. Dragflow dredging pumps excel in providing top-notch performance in dredging activities, demonstrating their effectiveness even in heavy-duty and complex contexts.

Dragflow offers comprehensive integrated dredging systems and submersible slurry pumps that facilitate the efficient and safe pumping of solids mixed with water. The Dragflow range provides a diverse selection of electric and hydraulic dredging pumps, capable of handling sludge with a solid content of up to 70% by weight.

The range of Dragflow slurry pumps

The Dragflow offering includes high-quality electric and hydraulic dredging pumps, specifically designed to endure over time and work hard in the most challenging applications.

Dragflow hydraulic pumps provide unparalleled resistance and versatile use, making them an ideal solution for those requiring submersible pumps with agitators to handle various abrasive types and high-efficiency loads.

On the other hand, Dragflow electric pumps deliver exceptional results with an excellent balance between performance and resistance. With a low rotation speed, these pumps find optimal applications in the industrial and mining fields for lifting and transporting solid materials.

The Dragflow range also encompasses accessories for dredging pumps, meticulously designed to customize dredging systems and meet every requirement. These accessories ensure superior performance, even in the most demanding and complex contexts.

Applications and advantages of Dragflow slurry pumps

Our dredging pumps stand as market-leading products, the reference point in many applications where excellent performance and maximum resistance are essential.

Dragflow dredging pumps are employed for various purposes such as dredging rivers and canals. They play a crucial role in restoring navigability, removing contaminants from the riverbed, and maintaining the stability of river banks.

They are perfect machines for dredging dams to maintain the operational capacity of hydroelectric plants by avoiding the accumulation of sediments through the periodic removal of the material.

Dragflow pumps provide a convenient and reliable solution for dredging ports and marinas, as well as cleaning lakes and ponds. They offer versatility and ease of use, ensuring optimal results in various dredging operations and performing effectively in diverse contexts.

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