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Dragflow dredges embody versatility, potency, and excellence. They excel in applications such as infrastructure upkeep, mining basin cleaning, and industrial processes. Whether addressing modest or monumental tasks, our products are meticulously crafted to seamlessly align with customer requirements.

Our diverse dredge selection ensures the capability to approach any operation with confidence, leveraging top-tier technology while enjoying unwavering support from our dedicated customer service team.


Discover a comprehensive range of dredging solutions within the Dragflow lineup. The DRH cable dredges stand out for their user-friendly assembly and handling, featuring compact dimensions and exceptional dredging depth—ideal for marinas and tailing ponds.

Opt for the high-performance DRP series of radio-controlled dredges, providing compact efficiency with wireless remote control for dredging system management and the option to automate lake basin cleaning operations.

Maximize flexibility with Dragflow amphibious dredges, utilizing floating tracked machinery capable of navigating challenging terrains, including muddy or solid surfaces. These dredges efficiently pump complex mixtures, leveraging the formidable power of Dragflow pumps.

Explore our diverse offerings, including remotely controlled electric or hydraulic dredges, telescopic boom-equipped DRT series dredges, ladder dredges, mini dredges, and cutting-edge monitoring systems for dredging control utilizing GPS technology.


Every Dragflow dredge excels in delivering superior quality and outstanding performance, even in the most intricate dredging operations. Each product is meticulously designed to address specific requirements, offering limitless customization options to tailor each machine to the project's unique characteristics.

Our comprehensive dredging systems boast cutting-edge technology, ensuring the utilization of top-tier safety standards and providing operators with optimal control. The incorporation of modern advanced remote monitoring systems enables precise tracking of each dredging activity.

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