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Press Release

Date: February 26, 2024

Technosub Group and Dragflow join forces to launch Dragflow Usa, elevating pumping and dredging solutions across the United States

In a strategic move to expand their global footprint, Technosub Group and Dragflow are thrilled to announce the launch of Dragflow USA. This collaboration, driven by a commitment to respond to the growing demand for advanced pumping and dredging solutions in various industries across the nation, marks Technosub Group and Dragflow’s ambitious venture into the flourishing US market.

Image Description From left to right: Eric Beaupré, Technosub Group | Nicola Masotti, Dragflow | Tanner Tryon and Scott Johnson, Miller Sales & Engineering

The President and CEO of the Technosub Group, Mr. Eric Beaupré, is delighted with this strategic alliance:

The launch of Dragflow USA underscores our commitment to providing the best pumping solutions globally, ensuring our clients benefit from a broad range of pumps and dredges within the shortest lead times.

Miller Sales & Engineering, located in Tucson, Arizona, one of the subsidiaries of Technosub Group, will take the lead for the development of this new organization. Dragflow USA pillars will be:

  • Large parts and pumps stock for quick delivery
  • Development of a capillary distributors network over US to better serve the customers
  • Dedicated USA Sales Team to properly support the distributors.

This agreement allows Technosub Group and Dragflow to offer the American industrial and mining markets the most comprehensive range of pumping and dredging solutions in the US.

Nicola Masotti, General Manager of Dragflow Italy, underlines the importance of this agreement:

We are excited to have found with Technosub Group a consistent partner. This significant agreement marks our strategic move to extend our product distribution in the USA. This collaboration will not only strengthen our market presence in the USA but also boost our global reach. We are confident that our partner's deep understanding of the American market, coupled with our high-quality products, will deliver immense value to our consumers. This alliance will facilitate the seamless supply of Dragflow products across the states, ensuring our customers receive the best service possible.

Dragflow USA will make a significant impact on the pumping and dredging industries in the United States, leveraging a powerful combination of expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Technosub Group and Dragflow are excited about the opportunities that Dragflow USA will unlock, and, the positive impact they will have on customers, partners, and the industry as a whole.

About Technosub Group

Technosub Group currently employs more than 250 professionals and is composed of two subsidiaries in the United States: Miller Sales & Engineering (Tucson) and Clowe & Cowan (El Paso) and three divisions located in Canada: Technosub, Tsurumi Canada and Mudwizard, whose expertise is varied and complementary. The founding division, Technosub, specializes in the manufacture, repair and distribution of pumps and integrated dewatering solutions tailored for industrial and mining environments. Over the past 40 years, the Technosub Group has successfully undertaken more than 1200 pumping projects worldwide.

About Dragflow

With over 25 years of experience, Dragflow has been supplying their products to a wide range of clients, including mining and offshore industries, as well as harbors and canals. The company is known for its ability to design, manufacture and deliver high-performance, reliable and durable products that can withstand harsh environments. Their offerings include submersible dredge pumps, hydraulic systems, electric pumps, and remote-controlled dredges. Dragflow's commitment to innovation and quality has set the standard in the dredging industry, making them a trusted partner for complex projects around the globe.

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