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Pump Accessories

Adaptability to any application

Among Dragflow's offerings for dredging operations, there are a variety of high-quality accessories available for both hydraulic and electric dredging pumps. These solutions are meticulously crafted to augment the effectiveness and performance of our advanced dredging systems, adeptly meeting diverse requirements and efficiently handling various types of work.

Dragflow accessories are made from carefully selected and durable materials, guaranteeing noteworthy results even in the most demanding and challenging contexts. By selecting the appropriate accessory, you can easily adapt Dragflow pumps and systems to any application, ranging from marine dredging to intricate high-depth works.

The range of Dragflow accessories for dredging pumps

Among the accessories under the Dragflow brand, electric side excavators play a crucial role when used in conjunction with our pumps to enhance solid production and conduct dredging operations in confined seabeds. These excavators are also offered in the Deep Depth version, featuring a minimum immersion of 70 in, a maximum liquid temperature of 35oC, and power ranging from 12 to 17 hp.

We also offer hydraulic side excavators equipped with a cutting head that is specially designed to minimize costs and wear on components through interchangeable teeth. These excavators feature a robust and high-performance engine with a long service life and high torque. The cutters can work at depths of up to 820 ft, controlled by a sturdy steel cable.

Within Dragflow's array of accessories for dredging pumps, jet rings stand out – high-pressure water jet systems meticulously developed for dealing with clayey materials. These jet rings are available with either hydraulic or electric power supply, making them suitable for a range of applications, from mining basin dredging to dredging operations at ports and dams.

Another innovative solution from Dragflow is the dredging head, a customized system tailored to specifications such as size, profile, number, dimensions, and tooth inclinations. The Dragflow dredging head can be combined with an agitator to prevent pump clogging, proving especially beneficial in hydraulic excavator dredging, mining dredging, and coastal protection activities.

Dragflow accessories to enhance the effectiveness and performance of dredging systems

Dragflow's dredging pump accessories are designed by a team of specialized engineers.

They are the result of our extensive expertise in dredging solutions, providing accessories that not only address the industry's general needs but also offer practical solutions for every requirement, including the most specific and complex applications.

Our range of accessories comprises reliable and efficient products designed to optimize even the most challenging dredging operations, including those involving viscous, dense, or highly abrasive mixtures. We offer the flexibility for each requirement, allowing you to request a tailor-made configuration of the dredging system. This customization ensures that each device is adapted to the specific project and type of operations, aiming to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Our team is available to assist you in configuring the dredging system that best suits your specific needs.

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