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Electric Dredging Pumps

High-performance electric dredging pumps

The Dragflow electric dredging pumps stand out as high-performance submersible systems equipped with an agitator. They seamlessly blend maximum versatility with exceptional durability and efficiency. These pumps boast unparalleled features, making them ideal for industrial and mining dredging operations. And an corrosion resistant version is available to cater to environments with high acidity levels.

Our range of electric dredging pumps encompasses compact, powerful, and robust models, extending to large-sized electric pumps tailored for the most challenging applications. Each Dragflow electric dredging pump showcases exceptional dredging capacity, capable of efficiently pumping a mixture containing up to 70% solids by weight.

Features of Dragflow electric dredging pumps

Opting for our electric dredging pumps allows you to leverage state-of-the-art systems integrated with top-notch technologies, meticulously crafted to ensure outstanding performance in terms of both efficiency and durability.

Operating at low rotational speeds, these electric dredging pumps are equipped with an optimal sealing configuration and demonstrate high resistance to abrasion. This design enables them to function effectively in challenging conditions, efficiently handling mixtures of liquids and solids.

Dragflow electric dredging pumps come in 50 and 60 Hz versions, certified with CE, and also available with UL/CSA certification. The larger models boast a capacity of up to 17,500 USGPM, demonstrating the capability to pump solids up to 5 inches in size.

Advantages and applications of Dragflow electric dredging pumps

Utilizing Dragflow's electric dredging pumps allows for the optimization of dredging operations across various application areas, including beach replenishment, pumping sediments in mining basins, and removing solid residues in water treatment plants.

Our electric dredging systems are characterized by their compactness, versatility, and the ability to cover a broad spectrum of capacities and head pressures. We provide small, medium, and large electric dredging pumps, ensuring a plethora of solutions to meet diverse needs and offering a range of customization options.

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