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About Us


Dragflow company originated in the 1980s as a manufacturer of robust submersible pumps. Today, we are recognized globally for our dedication to technological innovation in pump and dredging systems manufacturing. The success of numerous projects and high customer satisfaction has motivated us to continue with the research and further development of our products.

Global coverage

With a global network of more than 67 distributors spread across 5 continents, Dragflow relies on high quality service, quick delivery and sustainable partnerships.

How we work?

01. Pumping and dredging solutions for any challenge
We are committed in exploring new applications and innovating our product line. Leveraging our expertise, we design equipment capable of meeting the demands of dynamic industries that are continuously evolving.
02. We design integrated systems
We design our products and accessories as fully integrated systems. This approach enables us to ensure the stability and efficacy of our systems. Our pumps are customizable with various features such as side cutters, jet rings, cutting heads, and other accessories, tailored to specific working conditions.
03. Quality, technology, people
We are committed to guarantee quality. Our products are crafted to ensure the prolonged lifespan of components and parts, minimizing maintenance costs. We prioritize technological advancements: nearly 5% of the company's turnover is invested in research and development, positioning us as one of the leaders in our niche. We place great trust in our people and are dedicated to deliver our solutions in a spirit of collaboration and empowering partnership, creating sustainable value.

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Let’s solve your pumping and dredging challenges.

Our team of experts provides support throughout the United States assisting with product selection, managing post-sales support and ensuring prompts delivery of spare parts.

If you have an immediate need, you may call us at +1 520 697-4725.

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