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The best performance for each industry

Dragflow's cutting-edge solutions for pumping and dredging operations are well-suited for a variety of applications. These integrated systems are specially crafted to guarantee optimal performance, even in the most heavy duty conditions.

Mining Application

Extraction, processing, and cleaning are complex and expensive activities that require reliable and efficient equipments. For years, Dragflow has been designing and producing pumping solutions including slurry pumps to be used by the greatest players in the mining industry.

In mine dewatering, these pumps regulate water levels in both underground and open pit mines, ensuring uninterrupted operations. They excel in tailings management by efficiently transporting mine tailings, contributing to environmental sustainability. Mill sumps cleanup is streamlined as slurry pumps effectively remove contaminants, maintaining a conducive working environment. For tank solid removal, these pumps facilitate the separation of solids and liquids. With their reliability and adaptability, slurry pumps prove indispensable in mining operations, providing efficient solutions for dredging, tailings, mill sumps, and tank solid removal, ensuring optimal performance in various contexts.

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Industrial Application

Our pumping solutions are used in cleaning operations of washing plants, maintenance of settling basins and in many other industrial applications. This experience has guided the continuous development of optimal solutions for the various industrial sectors.

In industrial contexts, slurry pumps are crucial, especially for removing solids from washdown sumps and ponds. These pumps excel in handling the challenging task of extracting debris and contaminants, enhancing the overall cleanliness of industrial water systems. Tailored for such applications, slurry pumps efficiently eliminate sediment and unwanted particles from sumps and ponds during washdown processes. Their robust construction and exceptional resistance make them essential for maintaining operational efficiency. Renowned for their versatility and reliability, slurry pumps are indispensable tools, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for solid removal in various industrial scenarios.

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Dredging Application

Our slurry pumps play a crucial role in assisting diverse industries with a range of dredging tasks. Engineered to meet customer specifications, our dredge lineup, spanning from the smallest to the most impressive, ensures optimal performance. Dragflow's cutting-edge dredging systems, coupled with advanced submersible pumps, incorporate the finest available technologies, effectively handling even the most challenging projects. With applications extending across coastal, port, river, lake, and land operations, our products and technologies are crafted for success in both offshore and onshore environments. Rely on Dragflow's proven reliability, demonstrated by satisfied customers worldwide, attesting to the quality and efficiency of our solutions.

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