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Hydraulic Dredging Pumps

Heavy-duty hydraulic dredging pumps

Dragflow's hydraulic dredging pumps excel in dredging operations, providing top performance and high resistance even in the most challenging operational contexts and demanding applications. These pumps are indispensable allies in industrial and mining environments, showcasing exceptional applications in custom projects as well.

By adjusting the speed of the hydraulic fluid feeding the pump, hydraulic pumps can effectively cover a broad range of heads and flows. Our submersible pumps with agitators stand as benchmark technology in the market, offering an optimal solution for dredging abrasive and sediment-laden mixtures.

Characteristics of hydraulic dredging pumps

The Dragflow range of hydraulic pumps comprises cutting-edge models designed for sludge dredging and pumping. The range spans from compact and maneuverable devices to larger and more powerful ones. You have the flexibility to choose from numerous models tailored to specific needs and activities, offering flow rates ranging from 330 to 17,500 UPGPM and power levels from 18 to 600 hp.

Our small hydraulic pumps guarantee maximum versatility, allowing easy mounting on an excavator. They deliver outstanding results at sustainable costs, primarily due to their exceptional performance, enhanced by the presence of an agitator.

Medium-sized hydraulic pumps in our range feature a head pressure of up to 250 ft and a pumping capacity spanning from 330 to 2,650 USGPM. These pumps can be conveniently mounted on DRH series dredges and are also offered in High Head and High Capacity versions.

For more complex and demanding applications, Dragflow offers large-sized hydraulic dredging pumps – high-performance systems featuring a head pressure of up to 260 ft, a pumping capacity ranging from 5,300 to 17,500 USGPM, and power levels spanning from 300 to 645 hp.

Applications and benefits of Dragflow hydraulic pumps

Dragflow's hydraulic dredging pumps stand out as the most durable systems in the industry, incorporating innovative and high-value-added technologies for effectively handling rocks, sand, gravel, minerals, and other mixed solid and liquid materials.

Our submersible hydraulic pumps can be seamlessly integrated into our powerful remote-controlled dredges and our dredges with operator cabins onboard. This versatility allows for multiple configurations, catering to a diverse range of dredging and pumping requirements.

These high-performance and maneuverable units are used in various industries and applications such as cleaning mine basins, removing residues from settling ponds, dredging lined mining ponds, and maintaining the capacity of water supply reservoirs.

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