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Dredge Accessories

Perfect for customizing dredges to suit any application

Tailored solutions for dredging customization

In addition to our cutting-edge dredging systems, Dragflow offers a specialized line of dredge accessories. Designed for safety and efficiency, these high-quality products enhance performance and durability in diverse applications.

They complement our customizable dredging systems, ensuring we meet all customer requirements.

Dragflow's range of dredge accessories

Explore Dragflow's comprehensive selection of dredge accessories, featuring the anti-turbidity bell as a primary component. Easily attachable to the dredging pump, this bell effectively manages water turbidity during excavation, mitigating potential harm to the environment.

Enhance the propulsion of Dragflow's amphibious dredgers with the hydraulic azimuth thruster, ensuring optimal performance on liquid surfaces.

Boost productivity over extended distances with Dragflow's range of booster stations, available in various sizes to streamline material transport from the dredging site.

Dredge accessories: quality, efficiency and customization

Dragflow's dredger accessories address diverse dredging challenges by tailoring dredging systems to specific application requirements. These solutions stem from ongoing research and development, guaranteeing the utmost adaptability of Dragflow's dredgers.

Our accessories enable environmentally conscious dredging, enhance dredge maneuverability, expedite the transfer of dredged materials, and proficiently oversee all dredging-related activities. This ensures safe and efficient operations, even in the most challenging and intricate scenarios.

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